With the appropriate skills, you can mould a staircase out of obstacles.

Robert Lembke (*17.09.1913 - 15.01.1989)

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Program and Project Management

Your business is faced with the challenge of creating outcomes with ambitious, technically complex projects and programs.

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In helping you through the process, EADTEC draws from years of experience in practical program and project management built upon proven methodologies such as PRINCE2. Managerial control is maintained with focus on:

  • Scope and Benefits Management
  • Organization and Stakeholders
  • Issue and Risk Management
  • Internal and External Communication
  • Quality Management and Auditing
  • Configuration Management
  • Budgets and Financing

Our program and project management define and implement your intentions by managing WHAT, HOW and WHERE change is necessary. In addition to providing the required functional and technical know-how, we deal with the issues revolving around change with active involvement of stakeholders. Our approach is geared towards facilitating and supporting the change process by linking strategy with the required operational change.

We lead the change and ensure overall coherence.

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